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Counseling in your own space

Private Confidential Online Therapy 

ADHD Informed Therapy

As an ADHD Specialist, I provide therapy from an ADHD perspective to help you better understand how your unique ADHD complexity can affect your success at work, at home, and in relationships. Depending on your needs, we can focus on finding solutions to address problems such as chronic procrastination, an inability to get started, distractibility, disorganization, task avoidance, emotional overwhelm, task paralysis, poor time management, uneven productivity, and relationship problems. In addition, learn how common ADHD problems like low self-esteem, rejection sensitivity, and negative self-talk can contribute to depression and lack of progress on goals.

Develop organization systems and strategies to reduce your reliance on working memory


Manage your time and productivity more effectively


Improve your ability to prioritize, plan, get started, and complete goals


Learn strategies to deal with emotional overwhelm


Understand how negative thinking habits reduce effectiveness, consistency, and progress.

ADHD Therapy>>More Information


Men get depressed.

It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a fact. Guys get depressed. Depression affects millions of men every year, and is the leading cause of disability worldwide.



  • It’s an illness that can rob you of your will to live. It can also steal:

  • The pleasure from things that used to give you joy

  • Your physical energy and strength

  • Your connections to friends and family

  • Your ability to handle stress 


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Help has never come easier with

Online Video Telehealth

  • Convenient in-home service

  • No wasted time commuting to and from sessions

  • No awkward waiting room

  • Complete confidentiality and privacy

  • Ability to keep sessions wherever you go with Mobile App

  • Easy Online Scheduling. No need to talk to a receptionist



For most people, video Telehealth is a very easy and effective way to participate in therapy and counseling. As a therapist, I operate exactly the same regardless if it’s an online or an in-person session.

Gamer with Headphones

Craig Mead LCSW, LCPC


Available to help with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Major Life Changes and Transitions, Adult ADHD

Certified Adult ADHD Specialist >>More Information

Craig Mead LCSW

As a licensed clinical social worker with 25+ years of field experience, it is my genuine honor to assist you in exploring and resolving the core issues that bring you to therapy and prevent you from having the healthy and happy life you want. I look forward to helping you make the first step toward being a healthier version of yourself.

I offer online video TeleHealth therapy sessions for adults in Illinois. More about me here

I’m happy to help. Please use online appointment scheduling for a free online consultation.

Contact Information

Virtual Office Locations:

661 W Lake St, Ste 2S

Chicago • Illinois • 60661


Springfield • Illinois •

Telehealth Only; Office hours by appointment

312-918-2885 Text Preferred. Due to scheduling difficulties, calls often result in a delayed response


Online only Video Telehealth Psychotherapy available to Illinois residents


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